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Bash Bashford

Chief Director and Mentor 

Hi, I'm Bash, the founder of ReBourne Recovery and author of The ReBourne Recovery Program.  I stopped drinking alcohol on 05 November 2007 and have spent nearly every day since then engaging in some sort of study based around addiction, recovery, nutrition and mental health.  I started writing the program in June 2019 as a way to share my experience  strength and hope.  As it grew I received some incredible feedback from nearly everyone who read it and I began to see the potential in how it could help others.  It is set out in a practical and easy to read format and fully supported by myself and other fully trained and insured mentors. 
I look forward to receiving any questions you may have regarding the ReBourne project. 


Miles Townsend

Funding Manager

Hi, I'm Miles and I joined ReBourne Recovery as part of a new fundraising team to help make sure our services are as widely available to those who need them as possible. Being born and raised in Brighton, my understanding of addiction is all based on real people and the different lifestyle experiences that can create a cycle of addiction. I have 360° experience within the sector and strive to be a part of the changes I want to see in the world. I believe ReBourne's approach is exactly what is needed in the field, treating the person instead of the symptom to give them the toolkit they need to self manage and live life, on life's terms.


Helen Delevingne

Funding Manager


Hi, my name is Helen and I am one of the Fund Managers at ReBourne Recovery. Coming from a traumatic childhood in many respects, I am fully aware of the cycle of addiction and how this can ruin families. I am an old raver from the 90s and what led me down that path is a complicated story. At the time I didn't think I had an issue, but only after when I left the world of clubbing, did I see the destructive nature of my lifestyle. I was one of the lucky ones as I sailed very close to the wind and it was only through my mother's love that my life changed.

I fully support the ReBourne programe as we see people free of addictive lifestyles that have held them in prison for many years. It is a privilage to be raising funds for this incredible company and see people living their best life free of addiction.

Emma Disney

Company Director

My name is Emma Disney and I am one of the Directors at ReBourne Recovery. I have both a personal and professional interest in the field of recovery, as a psychotherapist for the past twenty years specialising in working with teenagers, their mental health and emotional wellbeing. It is a privilege to work with teens, allowing me to work with the issues that underpin addiction and hopefully catch the behaviour and coping mechanisms early.

Personally, working with and healing lack of childhood connection that led to the addiction issues I had in my twenties. It is therefore an honour to support such great work, allowing people the chance to make different choices and understand their journey and health and the opportunity for recovery and a new lifestyle.   

I have known and worked alongside Bash for the last few years, I deeply respect his holistic, informed, emotionally aware and compassionate understanding of both addiction and the process of recovery.

I have written a book, Teen-A-Pause; it is about consciously parenting your teen whilst reparenting yourself. The journey of learning how to become your most authentic, calm and loving self, by un-becoming anything that no longer serves you, at the same time supporting your teenager to become all that allows them to thrive.


Belinda Roberts

Chloe Bashford-Lewis

Company Director

Company Director 

My name is Belinda and I am one of the directors at ReBourne Recovery.  I have a personal interest in the recovery programme coming from a codependent background.  I am a trained midwife but no longer practice, however the experience I gained from my career has led me down the path of family keywork and I have seen first hand the damage that addictive cycles can do to families.  I have known Bash for several years and he has a wealth of knowledge on the subjects of recovery and personal development, which has assisted me in my own personal recovery journey.

Hi I am Chloe, Bash’s daughter and a director at ReBourne Recovery.  I have been in adult health care for the last 8 years, which has spurred my deep interest in mental health.  I am privileged to have been raised under Dad’s understanding ethos, unconditional love, healing mindset and emotional awareness towards myself and others.  This leaves me with nothing but faith in the ReBourne programme and look forward to seeing it support, heal and alleviate addiction and enable people to be the most content and functional version of themselves.