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So Many Questions

Which addictions do you treat?

We have successfully treated the following addictions:

* Alcohol

* Cocaine

* Gambling

* Cannabis

* Codependence

We can also help with nicotine addiction.

How long are the sessions and where do they take place? 

Sessions last 60-90 minutes and can be done in person, phone or video call.  We mainly operate via Zoom which have had equal success as face to face sessions.

Do I have to stop engaging with my addiction before being treated?

We know that what people fear most about stopping, is stopping!  So we don't ask anyone to stop until they are ready to.  We trust that as you progress through the programme your desire to use will diminish to zero.  This is a gentle process and not a white knuckle ride!

How much does it cost to enrol in the programme?

Originally ReBourne was set up to be a fully funded programme to support people out of addiction.  Sadly, for now, due to lack of funding sources we have had no choice other than to make this a privately funded practise.  Saying that, we are a fraction of the cost of a rehab centre and far exceed the success rate of any other services we are aware of.  

Session rates are £75 for a full hour.  This includes some support between sessions and there is ongoing self supporting guidance throughout.  There is also a group chat accessible 24/7 consisting of past and current people who are working the programme.  The programme takes approximately 20 sessions to complete and can be sooner if you do more of the work in your own time.

We can arrange a support hub for people who might be able to generate funding from friends, family, a sponsor or via their workplace, do please ask for this.

On occasions we will have some kind donations via our "Become a ReBourne Angel" link where 100% of the donations go directly towards the recovery of people who are unable to fund themselves.

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