So Many Questions

Which addictions do you treat?

Although the ReBourne Recovery Program has been written for alcohol addiction we can treat drug addiction, gambling, codependence or most other addictions as they run quite similar patterns. 

How much does it cost to enrol in the program?

At time of writing (October 2020), the estimated cost to administer the program is £2500 per client (about 10% of what a mid range rehab program would charge!).  This amount however is FULLY FUNDED by the charities, businesses, organisations, councils and personal donors who support our work.  We do however, encourage clients to make a small very affordable contribution towards their treatment as it enhances accountability, responsibility, commitment and taking control of one's life.  ALL of your donations will be refunded upon completion of the program.  So as long as you complete the program it is totally FREE OF CHARGE. 

How long are the sessions and where do they take place? 

Sessions last 60-75 minutes and can be done in person, phone or video call. 

Do I have to stop engaging with my addiction before being treated. 

You're more likely to be accepted into the program if you are able to stop, but we are able to put in place a structured and supported 'Stopping Plan' to make the whole process easier for you.